The next stop was Utah. Starting in Moab and making a stop to see the Mighty five!

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Arches National Park

Hike to Double Arch

I decided to so this hike at the end of the day due to the heat. I was hoping to get a good shot of the sunset but it was quite cloudy.

1908192_10153505134306392_2263931796989315222_n 11046238_10153505135716392_8687940044790067644_n 11402936_10153505134361392_1163586921501304321_n 11665616_10153505135761392_6763183364205116106_n 10984102_10153505136926392_8147968769909358638_n 11666080_10153505137471392_7446977327411584384_n 11659421_10153505137646392_2273065055824306284_n

Canyonlands National Park

This park is pretty cool. I got up at 330am to get my spot to see the sunrise through Mesa Arch. It was quite spectacular.

20150701_065947 20150701_052353 11909979_877979488944317_919009653_n canyonlands3 canyonlands2 canyonlands3 18729_10153505865626392_5018695053698193985_n

Capitol Reef National Park

This park is one of the least visited of the National Parks. It is quite unique and definitely worth stopping to see. Yes, bigfoot was spotted here! 😀

Capitol1 capitol2 capitol3 capitol5 capitol6 capitol7 capitol8

Bryce Canyon

This is the most interesting park I’ve been to. It was like being in Whoville with all the crazy hoodoos!!

20150701_182159 bryce 5 bryce 8 bryce1 bryce2 bryce3 bryce4 bryce6 bryce7 bryce8 bryce9

I really wish I had more time to spend at each of these parks. They are all so beautiful, with so many things to see.

Zion National Park is so amazing, it gets it’s own post…


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